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Cosmopolitan editor: It's 'icky' to suggest self defense is the answer to ending campus sexual assault

Elisa Benson, Cosmopolitan magazine’s social media editor, thinks it’s “icky” to suggest women defending themselves is the answer to campus sexual assault.

An hour after that tweet was sent, Benson followed up, calling anyone outraged by her comment “crazies” and walking back her earlier statement.

Benson's original comment was in response to Miss USA winner Nia Sanchez's answer to a question about sexual assault on campus. Sanchez suggested that women learn to protect themselves to help avoid being raped, which drew outrage from women like Benson.

Sanchez never said self-defense was the answer to campus sexual assault, she just said that’s something that women should learn.

So Benson got all up in arms after misinterpreting Sanchez’s comments and then lashed out at people who supposedly misinterpreted her tweet. Classic.