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CPAC Chairman: GOProud went ‘over the top’ by publicly criticizing our board members

CPAC Chairman Al Cardenas explained on 630 WMAL this morning that the gay Republican group GOProud was not invited to the political action conference this year because members of the organization “did not act properly as guests.”

“From time to time, there are organizations or individuals who we think go over the top when they are our guests at CPAC and for years we’ve decided not to invite them again for the following year given that particular group of circumstances,” he said.

Cardenas noted that GOProud was not invited last year because they were one of three different groups that the board “felt did not act properly as guests” including holding press conferences to attack CPAC board members.

Because of their behavior, CPAC board members voted against their participation, in a vote that was not unanimous, Cardenas explained, and noted that the decision was not “a permanent ban”

There will be a panel discussing social issues at CPAC, Cardenas explained, and added that gay marriage would certainly be part of the conversation.

“We have always welcomed gay participants and registrants to CPAC and have given them a warm welcome,” Cardenas insisted.