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Drone lobbyist: I don’t call them drones


In an interview with the National Journal, chief drone lobbyist Michael Toscano explained that he doesn’t like the term “drone” to describe his industry – which identifies the flying robots as “Unmanned Vehicle Systems.”

“I don’t use the word drone,” he explained. “There’s a Hollywood expectation of what a drone is. Most of it is military; most of it is very fearful, hostile. These things are not that.”

Toscano cleverly avoided the word ‘drone’ throughout the interview - choosing to describe drones as “these things,” “this technology,” and “unmanned aircraft systems.”

Drones would be accepted my most Americans eventually, Toscano predicted, just as citizens grew accustomed to cell phones, GPS systems, and computers.

“I think the truth will prevail once people understand the facts and figures,” he concluded.