Energy giant Shell agreed to install $10 million in emissions control equipment at a Louisiana chemical plant as part of a settlement Monday with the Environmental Protection Agency and Justice Department.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said the agreement demonstrates the agency's "dedication" to working with the states to pursue violations of federal clean air laws and bring violating companies into compliance.

“This settlement will improve air quality for citizens of Louisiana by reducing emissions of harmful air pollution,” Pruitt said.

The EPA, Justice Department and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality announced the settlement with Shell Chemical for emissions violations stemming from the company's chemical plant in Norco, La.

The settlement will result in the elimination of more than 150 tons of excess emissions of harmful air pollutants. It resolves charges that Shell violated the Clean Air Act and state law by not properly operating flaring units to burn off excess gases.

The settlement, in addition to making the $10 million in improvements, also fined the company civil penalties totaling $350,000, including $87,500 to state regulators.

“This agreement is the latest in EPA’s and the Justice Department’s continuing efforts to work with our state partners to protect the American public from harmful air pollution,” said Jeffrey Wood, the Justice Department’s acting assistant attorney general for environment and natural resources.