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Excluded pro-life group: Women's March organizers espouse 'a specific type of diversity'

A pro-life group of feminists excluded from the Women's March in Washington, D.C., won't let "a specific type of diversity" from barring their participation in the event Saturday.

During a Saturday morning interview on "Fox and Friends," a member of the New Wave Feminists said her group was removed from the event without warning and never received an explanation from the Women's March organizers. Instead they found out through media reports.

She said the organizers of the Women's March, where over 200,000 thousand people are expected participate to send a message of women's equality to newly inaugurated President Trump, have espoused "a very specific type of diversity, which does not include everyone."

The New Wave Feminist member said her group still plans to march and that most women support them, even after the Women's March organizers "caved" to pressure from some opposed to their presence. She said her group, like those officially taking part in the Women's March, wants to hold the Trump administration accountable for "misogynistic rhetoric" he's said in the past that has no place in the White House.

Other pro-life have been excluded from the Women's March, including Students for Life of America.