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Former Assad representative now law professor at Rutgers

111317 RAP Adi pic
What ethical law arguments can students learn from someone who defended a regime that intentionally attacked civilians on a daily basis? (UN Watch/YouTube)

Political science students at Rutgers University are being taught by a modern day mass murderer apologist. Mazen Adi, a former Syrian diplomat who represented the regime of President Bashar Assad during the country's civil war, is now teaching at Rutgers University.

Adi became a part-time lecturer in 2015 for the school's Political Science Department, and now human rights groups, such as UN Watch, are calling for his firing.

Apparently the university has turned a blind eye to the 16 years of human rights violations Adi voluntarily defended. During the Syrian Civil War, the Syrian Centre for Policy Research estimates that over 470,000 innocent civilians were killed.

Mazen Adi, who represented the Syrian government as a spokesperson in the United Nations on behalf of Mr. Assad, began teaching part-time at Rutgers in 2015 and will teach classes on international criminal law and anti-corruption starting in the spring of 2018. He was a regular apologist for the Assad regime which was responsible for massacring, starving, and torturing its own citizens.

What ethical law arguments can they learn from someone who defended a regime that intentionally attacked civilians on a daily basis? The answer is they can't.

To this end, an online petition has already garnered more than 3,500 signatures requesting that Adi be fired.

Sadly, the university known for beating Princeton in the first ever American football game in 1869, now has a new identifier: being the first American university to hire a war criminal complicit in the genocide of the Syrian people.

Nicholas Morse was the 2016 Republican Nominee to Congress in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District.