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Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio welcomes, but isn't asking for, Trump pardon

080917 Arpaio
Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio was recently convicted of criminal contempt. (AP Photo)

Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, recently convicted of criminal contempt, says he'd welcome a pardon from President Trump, but won't ask the president for one.

Arpaio was an early supporter of Trump during the presidential campaign season.

"I was with him since day one, and I am with him until the end. I don't ask him for anything," Arpaio told the Associated Press. "He can throw me into the swamp and cover me up in garbage, and I'd still support him."

Arpaio, 85, faces up to six months in jail due to a conviction for not enforcing a court order to stop traffic patrols that targeted immigrants.

"I have not called [Trump] on this issue. I'm sure I could. ... I'm with him, pardon no pardon, and not asking him," Arpaio told the Arizona Republic. "Although, as I said, many other people are asking him."

The former Maricopa County sheriff is expected to receive a sentence in October.

"Somebody ought to ask the president, where is he," Arpaio told Phoenix news station KTVK-TV.