A Canadian man who was released last year after being held hostage with his family in Afghanistan is now facing sexual assault and confinement charges.

Joshua Boyle, who was held captive by the Taliban along with his American wife and children, faces 15 criminal charges in Ottawa.

Authorities say the charges, which include sexual assault, forcible confinement, and uttering threats, stem from incidents that took place from Oct. 14 and Dec. 30, according to the Toronto Star. The family was released in October.

Boyle, his wife Caitlin Coleman, and their children were held captive for five years. The couple disappeared while on a backpacking trip in Afghanistan. All three of their children were born in captivity.

The charges include eight counts of assault, two counts of sexual assault, two counts of unlawful confinement, and one count of uttering death threats and misleading police, as well as one count of “causing someone to ‘take a noxious thing, namely Trazodone,'" an antidepressant, according to a Toronto Star report.

In a statement to the Star, Coleman wrote: “I can’t speak about the specific charges, but I can say that ultimately it is the strain and trauma he was forced to endure for so many years and the effects that that had on his mental state that is most culpable for this … it is with compassion and forgiveness that I say I hope help and healing can be found for him. ”

Coleman previously said she was raped while in captivity.

Boyle made his first court appearance on Monday and is expected in court again on Wednesday.

The couple has been living in Canada since their release.