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Georgetown athletics creates a 'No Phone Zone' for fans at upcoming game

011118 RAP hoyas pic
The Georgetown Hoyas have a solution for millennial phone culture. (via Facebook - Photo Credit: @saxahoya)

Raise your hand if you’ve heard any variation of “Would you look up from your phone?!” at some point or another.

In today’s culture of instant and constant connectivity, many would argue a cellphone is just an extension of a millennial’s hand.

The Georgetown Hoyas basketball team has a solution for this millennial phone culture and plans to create an interactive "no phone zone" experience at their upcoming game against St. Johns on Jan. 20.

Fifty seats in Section 118 (corner section, lower bowl) of the Capital One Arena have been designated as an “actual reality” section, which means the only way you’ll experience the coaching battle of Patrick Ewing and Chris Mullin is with your eyes and ears.

Hoya faithful in 118 will hand over their phones to a phone check table near the entrance of the section and receive name tags in return in order to encourage face-to-face interaction. In place of checking the ESPN app, printed halftime stats will be provided.

Georgetown Assistant Athletics Director of Marketing Chris Grosse told Red Alert Politics that this could be an opportunity to turn the clock back to a time where you're living in the moment.

“It’s a way to give people a chance to unplug; enjoy the game, not worry about emails,” Grosse explained. "People talk about how things are trending towards virtual reality and how soon you will be able to have a game experience at home, we want to show people the great product we have to offer.”

Should the interest level pick up, Grosse left the door open for more of these phone-less seats.

Comments on the Hoyas Twitter account mostly show positive sentiment from like-minded fans. Oh, and in case anyone desperately needs a memento of their section 118 voyage, there will be a Polaroid photo station with pictures flapping in hands as they develop.

Neil Dwyer is a graduate of the University of Miami, a political and sports broadcaster, and a freelancer writer.