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Hillary Clinton to Letterman: ‘Look, Dave, I took my pants off for you’


Last night in honor of the 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared a joke about meeting comedian David Letterman together with his wife Regina.

Clinton noted that David Letterman was fond of mocking her “pantsuits,” a popular item in her wardrobe.

“I have been a guest on his show several times,” Clinton said according to the transcript. “And if you include references to my pantsuits, I’m on at least once a week.”

Clinton explained that she didn’t wear her a pantsuit when meeting Letterman and his wife.

“Dave and his beautiful wife, Regina, came through,” Clinton began. “And I greeted her and said how happy we were to have her, and greeted Dave and then said, ‘Look, Dave, I took my pants off for you.’ And Dave without missing a beat said, ‘I don’t think you meant to say that.’”

As the crowd laughed and applauded, Clinton added, “Dave, you’ve got to be reminded that what happens here stays here.”