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History Channel pays respects to Obama

Courtesy image Mehdi Ouzaani

The History Channel has insisted they didn't cast a Moroccan actor as Satan in "The Bible" miniseries based on his perceived resemblance to President Obama.

Numerous viewers, including Glenn Beck, suggested a similarity on Twitter over the weekend. The network called it a "false connection."

The actor, Mehdi Ouzaani, "has previously played parts in several Biblical epics, including Satanic characters, long before Barack Obama was elected as our President," executive producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey said in a statement.

"If u weren't upset by Bush's head on a pike in Game of Thrones, but are about a devil who might look like Obama, you might be a liberal," RedState.com blogger Erick Erickson tweeted, a callback to a controversy last summer that resulted in HBO removing a prosthetic head modeled after former President George W. Bush from the background of a scene.