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Jake Tapper: More likely to 'guffaw' than 'giggle' on new show


Don't expect a giggle fit from Jake Tapper on his new show "The Lead" a la Anderson Cooper.

"Anderson does giggle fits very well. It's not really my thing," CNN's newest afternoon news anchor told Yeas and Nays. "I'm not really a giggler. I'm more of a guffawer."

CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" anchor memorably broke into extended giggles during a "Ridiculist" segment on his show in 2011.

Tapper said he particularly appreciated that a bipartisan crowd -- which included Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. -- turned out to celebrate his show's launch on Monday.

CNN hosted a packed house at the new Sixth Engine Restaurant, where members of the media including the Washington Post's Bob Woodward and new CNN chief Jeff Zucker mingled with Tapper's closest family and friends including his wife Jennifer, dad and stepmom.

Zucker, congratulating Tapper as well as himself for hiring the former ABC News correspondent in December in one of his first decisions as the new network chief, called Tapper the "face of the new CNN."

Tapper, though, was just happy his reception on Twitter "was fairly kind," and said he hopes to learn to relax and follow the advice he received from fellow host Wolf Blitzer to "just be yourself."