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Joe Scarborough says he's 'disgusted' by NRA's response to mass shootings

MSNBC personality Joe Scarborough is promoting his new book, "The Right Path." (Brian Ach/AP Images for The Hollywood Reporter)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said he was disgusted by the National Rifle Association's response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012.

"I think the way they handled the Newtown thing was absolutely despicable, absolutely disgusting, absolutely despicable," Scarborough said.

"It was a blight on gun owners, it was a blight on people like me, who believe in the Second Amendment and fought for the Second Amendment our entire life," he said.

Scarborough made his remarks during a Politico Playbook Cocktails event Wednesday night with Mike Allen while promoting his new book "The Right Path."

Scarborough said he agreed with the NRA 98 percent of the time, but he supports universal background checks as a good idea that resonates with Americans.

In the weeks after the shooting, Scarborough frequently campaigned for universal background checks on his MSNBC show, "Morning Joe," blasting Republicans who opposed the idea.

Scarbough said putting up signs at schools promoting "gun-free zones" was a stupid idea.

"At the University of Alabama, you don't put up signs that say 'gun-free zone,' somebody brings a gun to our campus you know, there will be 12 sawed-off shotguns whipped out right there," he said, "We're tough down in Alabama! Roll Tide!"

Afterwards, Scarborough joked that he was probably making a mistake talking about gun control while trying to market his book to Republicans.

"Boy, what a great way to sell a book to Republicans talking about gun control for 45 minutes," he said. "Am I the worst marketer ever?"

Changing the subject, Scarborough yelled, "Second Amendment, I like guns! Try to pry this book from my cold, dead hands!"