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John McCain predicts Obamacare 'collapse,' calls for GOP alternative


Sen. John McCain on Tuesday predicted that Obamacare may collapse and said that Republicans in Congress should be ready with their own alternative.

“I think it may collapse. I think the whole thing is probably going to become unraveled,” he told Fox Business Network.

Republicans, he added, should be ready to pounce if that happens, not just to fix or replace Obamacare, but to stake out a recognizable position on health care reform.

“We’ve got to come up with our comprehensive plan to fix the health care system,” he told FBN. “We all know that it’s broken, we all know that it’s unsustainable. We all know that Medicare is unsustainable and a number of us are working on that to roll it out and frankly the sooner the better off we’re gonna be because many Americans if you ask them what are Republicans for many of them are hard-pressed to describe in any detail or with any specificity what we’re for.”

The former 2008 Republican presidential nominee also sized up the 2016 GOP candidates, going out of his way not to mention Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

After noting how Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has grown in the Senate, he was specifically asked if he supports Paul, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Cruz. Said McCain:

“It’s very early so I certainly wouldn't want to – we’ve got a long process to go through but I do admire governors that win elections in Democrat states. I think it’s pretty obvious that our issue is anybody who’s gonna win has got to get independents and members of the other party. I think Chris Christie has showed remarkable talent and able to govern what is clearly a Democrat state and he’s done a very good job at it. I’m very impressed with what he’s done as governor of New Jersey. There’s others, Bobby Jindal is a very good guy, my friend John Kasich, the governor of New Mexico, she’s very good. We’ve got a number of other excellent governors out there.”

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.