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Kitty Kelley to capture the ladies of Congress

She's the queen of unauthorized biography, so Kitty Kelley's new book project, looking at the record 98 women serving in Congress, should be an interesting read. The Associated Press reported Monday that Kelley, a resident of Georgetown, had signed a book deal with Grand Central Publishing to write about Capitol Hill's female leaders and how they might change Washington.

Kelley's irritated just about everyone she's written about. "The Bushes got upset. Oprah got upset. President Reagan got upset. They all get upset," Kelley noted during her book party last fall for the Kennedy tome "Capturing Camelot." "It's like taking a photograph of somebody and showing all their wrinkles," she continued. Kelley says she doesn't ask her subjects for access. "Because if you get access, you give up something," Kelley said.