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Mayors declare 'immigration day of action' to fight Trump

032117 cohen day of action pic
Mayors in Los Angeles, Providence, Anaheim, Orlando, Seattle and Denver participated in the day of action. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

A bipartisan group of mayors has declared Tuesday to be an "immigration day of action" to protest President Trump's effort to curb illegal immigration.

The mayors of major cities including Los Angeles, Providence, Anaheim, Orlando, Seattle and Denver participated as a way to speak out in favor of immigration rights and "sanctuary city" policies. The initiative was spearheaded by the bipartisan U.S. Conference of Mayors.

In a call with reporters, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said he was confident that cities are on solid ground by challenging President Trump's executive order to cut funding to cities that adopt sanctuary policies. Garcetti said he and other mayors will fight Trump on "legal, political and moral fronts" when it comes to immigrants' rights.

"You can't expect local law enforcement to be an arm of the federal government in this process," Republican Mayor Shane Bemis of Gresham, Ore., added on the call.

Mayors nationwide proclaimed the day of action for the respective cities. In Denver, Mayor Michael Hancock is expected to do so in the afternoon on the steps of the City and County Building.

"The contributions of immigrants to the fabric of the American experience are many. To celebrate and elevate those contributions, Mayor Michael B. Hancock and the City and County of Denver will join with cities across the country in reaffirming the city's commitment to supporting immigrants and immigrant communities," his office said in a statement.

This story was corrected to note the event was bipartisan in nature.