Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney blamed the government for the wildfires burning through California and other Western states Thursday morning.

The Republican said the inability to stop the fires from spreading into neighborhoods and towns is proof that governments, at the state and federal level, failed to invest properly in infrastructure.

"Uncontrolled fires, loss of lives & property = failure of prime govt responsibility, underinvestment in helos, planes, personnel, systems," Romney tweeted.

At least 21 people are dead in California due to wildfires tearing through the Napa Valley wine country. Two dozen fires spanning hundreds of thousands of acres burned up 3,500 structures and forced 25,000 people to flee the area.

There are about 8,000 firefighters working to put out the fires and the California National Guard mobilized another 1,800 service members to assist in the response.

President Trump declared a disaster in the area on Tuesday to unlock federal resources for California.