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Rick Saccone: 'Why would anyone care what Hillary Clinton says?'

Rick Saccone
Rick Saccone speaks during a campaign stop at a Republican Party call center in Pittsburgh.

The Republican who hopes to win Tuesday's special election in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District says he doesn't care what Hillary Clinton says, and no one else should care either.

"Why would anyone care what Hillary Clinton says at this point?" Republican candidate Rick Saccone said on Fox News Tuesday morning. "I don't even know why they would interview her."

"I mean, it's just such nonsense," he said. "What could be said beyond that?"

Clinton said in India over the weekend that Republicans defeated her in 2016 thanks to voters who "didn't like black people getting rights," and who "don't like women ... getting jobs."

Saccone is running in a state that President Trump won in 2016, for a seat that was most recently held by a Republican. But he's trailing in some polls to Conor Lamb, a moderate Democrat.

Saccone said his campaign has worked to show that Lamb is not the moderate he seems to be, and would vote against Trump at every turn.

"He's trying to look like a moderate Democrat, or look like a Republican, but we know he's not," he said.

"We've outed him on several issues like guns and abortion," he said. "He tried to run like he's pro-life... we know he's pro-choice."

"We know that ... if he were to get there that he would vote with the Democratic Party 100 percent, and we can't have that," Saccone added.