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Number of Obamacare customers upset over cost on the rise

052016 Obamacare poll rk
Since 2014, the year that Obamacare's markets went online, the number of people dissatisfied grew. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu, File)

More than two out of five Obamacare customers are upset at the cost of their premiums and deductibles, according to a new survey that shows more evidence of growing costs for consumers under the controversial healthcare law.

The survey from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation discovered that 40 percent were dissatisfied with premium and 46 percent for their deductible. The poll also showed that Obamacare customers are largely satisfied with the care they receive.

Since 2014, the year that Obamacare's markets went online, the number of people dissatisfied grew.

For instance, the number of people dissatisfied with their premium grew from 27 percent in 2014, and is now 40 percent this year. For deductibles, dissatisfaction was 32 percent and gone up to 46 percent.

However, overall Obamacare customers are happy with their coverage. About 68 percent of marketplace customers rate either "excellent" or "good," the survey said.

The findings come as rates for Obamacare have increased as insurers readjust prices. Experts have found that insurers priced their plans too low initially and have had to raise them in order to maintain financial viability.

So far this year, some insurers have proposed rate hikes of up to 20 percent. Those hikes are only proposed and must be negotiated with that state's insurance regulator.

Administration officials have pointed to a government report that showed the average cost of marketplace coverage for a person getting tax credits went up 4 percent last year. About 85 percent of marketplace customers get tax credits, and the amount of those tax credits go up to match any increases in premiums.