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Obama declares Obamacare 'worth the wait,' doesn't say when site will work

President Obama gestures while speaking in the Rose Garden of the White House on Monday on the initial rollout of the health care overhaul. (AP/ Evan Vucci)

President Obama assured Americans that Obamacare is "worth the wait" as he defended the law, which has come under renewed fire due to the health care exchanges' dysfunctional website.

"If one thing's worth the wait, it's the safety and security of health care you can afford," Obama said in the Rose Garden on Monday morning.

He urged people to bypass the website and attempt to enroll by phone, predicting that once callers reach a representative, an individual can enroll in 25 minutes and a family can enroll in 45 minutes.

"It's time for folks to stop rooting for [Obamacare's] failure, because hardworking middle-class families are rooting for its success — and if the product is good, they're willing to be patient," Obama said.

The president also said that "nobody is madder than me that the website isn't working as well as it should, which means its going to get fixed."

CNN's Wolf Blitzer pointed out that Obama "didn't say when exactly" the health care website will work.