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Organizing for Action: Lots of rallies, no results

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Organizing for Action, President Obama's former election arm-turned-nonprofit "social welfare" organization, touts its "Action August" event as a success. But what measures success?

Apparently, the number of events they held proves "the undeniable success of 'Action August.' " And yes, holding 2,000 events is impressive, but consider that they counted a multitude of house parties among those events and the fact that some events had little or no attendance.

It is impressive that the group has over 3.6 million "action takers," but did they change anything? Did they even get noticed?

Not really. Despite the number of events and volunteers, the stories written about Action August (that OFA links to) are only about the fact that it is happening, not that it is doing anything. The only article that could be found that does mention any results of the campaign asks:

"But has it changed lawmakers' minds this month? So far none of the members of Congress the group targeted in August has changed his or her public position on immigration reform, climate change, health care or gun control. The real test, however, will come once they return to Washington next month."

Number of volunteers: 3.6 million.

Number of events: 2,000.

Number of minds changed: Zero.