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Cory Gardner: North Korea must take more steps toward nuclear disarmament before talks

Sen. Cory Gardner, like many Trump supporters, praised Trump&#39;s &quot;maximum pressure campaign&quot; for getting negotiations to this point. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner wants North Korea to take more concrete steps toward nuclear disarmament than they’ve promised to take before Kim Jong Un meets with President Trump.

Gardner, a Republican, said on CBS’ “Face The Nation” Sunday said the promised steps — a cessation of testing of missiles and nuclear weapons — are not akin to completely shutting down a nuclear weapons program.

“I would like to see some concrete steps more than just a cessation of testing because you can still do computer modeling,” Gardner said. ”Look, the United States is making advances every day on our nuclear program and we are not testing nuclear missiles and nuclear weapons each day. But we are still making advances, so what we need to see is North Korea ... actually start living up to some of the agreements.”

The South Korean government announced late last week Trump and Kim agreed to meet at a time and place to be determined. Kim has reportedly put denuclearization on the table.

Gardner, like many Trump supporters, praised Trump’s “maximum pressure campaign” for getting negotiations to this point.

“We have found ourselves in this position because of the maximum pressure doctrine turning away from the failed doctrine of strategic patience and now really crippling what is left of the North Korean economy,” he said.

“But what we have to hear more of is how we are going to get to those concrete verifiable steps toward denuclearization before this meeting occurs.”