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The Right Take on Campus

Online platform encourages students to ‘dream smart,’ helping vocational students

Charlie Javice is the founder and CEO of Frank, a firm set up to assist students with Free Application for Federal Student Aid filings
Charlie Javice is the founder and CEO of Frank, a firm set up to assist students with Free Application for Federal Student Aid filings.

As student debt continues to soar, one company is offering a helping hand to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background or educational ambitions.

Frank is an online platform that helps students file their Free Application for Federal Student Aid forms in a matter of minutes. The company can also help negotiate a student’s financial aid package directly with their school to maximize the amount they receive. To date, the free financial aid awarded through Frank is estimated up to $6.3 billion across 250,000 families.

Frank isn’t only focusing its efforts on traditional four-year college students. It is actively reaching out to those considering non-traditional paths.

The company has targeted prospective vocational school students through organic content and strategic search engine marketing. Current and prospective vocational school students make up more than a third of their total users, and that number increases to a whopping 80 percent from May to September.

As President Trump’s “America first” economic policies continue to pave the way for a blue-collar revolution, students are discovering numerous lucrative careers that don’t require a four-year degree. FRANK is helping connect these students with the support they need.

“Students seeking a vocational education don’t necessarily have resources readily available to them in their schools to assist them with filing for aid, so we are raising awareness through online campaigns to reach these students,” Founder and CEO Charlie Javice told Red Alert Politics.

Javice believes prospective vocational school students are not properly served by their high schools because counselors are trained to advise students on how to get into college. While the college path tends to get all the glory, it’s not right for everyone. Javice feels that the point of a higher education system is to help students fully reach their potential and become productive members of society.

Unfortunately, academia has been at odds with this philosophy, leaving many millennials in debt and underemployed after four-plus years of college. Javice said she has seen firsthand that “in some situations, people are actually better off pursuing careers in booming technical and vocational fields.”

Frank encourages prospective students to look at life after graduation as they plan their future.

“We believe students should dream smart, and we know that that means thinking practically about post-grad employment,” she said. “We want students to be proud of their dreams, and not feel forced into a 4-year-degree mold just because they think that’s the ‘right thing to do.’ By helping students receive aid for a vocational education, we are helping them find careers in fields that they not only enjoy, but quickly excel at.”

Aided by resources like Frank, millennials are increasingly stepping up to the plate in this key part of the Trump administration’s job creation agenda. As tax cuts continue to fuel rapid economic growth, millennials may just become the biggest winners of the blue-collar revolution.