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Report: Tsarnaevs may have read article: 'Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom'

Buried at the end of a Washington Post story about the latest developments is the Boston Marathon bombing case is this interesting factoid:

According to a&nbsp;government document obtained by NBC News, a detailed analysis of the bombs used at the Boston Marathon and pipe bombs allegedly thrown at police from a car by the Tsarnaevs during a gunfight four days later show striking similarities to instructions from Inspire magazine. The report from the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center said that the design of the pressure-cooker bombs and the pipe bombs resembled instructions provided in an article in the first issue of Inspire headlined “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.” (Emphasis added.) The pressure-cooker bombs had different triggers and power sources than the Inspire designs, but they matched the magazine instructions in the use of several components, including gunpowder from fireworks, according to the TEDAC analysis.

Inspire is an English-language online magazine created by al Qaeda in the Arabic Peninsula. The group also publishes Al-Shamikha, a women’s magazine that offers tips on fashion and waging a holy war against the West.