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Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich want to give peace a chance

They've left Congress, but these good friends are linking up to take the next step together. On Wednesday, former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, returned to Washington with his wife, Carol, to launch his Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. At his side was former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, (with wife Elizabeth) who will serve on the institute's board.

"One point that we want to make with the institute is that it's obviously not going to be partisan," Paul laughed, giving the nod to Kucinich. The Ohio Democrat explained how the friendship began. "Ron Paul and I, if you go back to Iraq, that's when we started to compare notes," Kucinich explained. Both were vehemently anti-war.

"Then we started to compare notes on a whole range of issues dealing with international relations and interventions and then civil liberties and the Fed," Kucinich continued. "So the affinity that Ron Paul and I have demonstrated, through our standing shoulder to shoulder on a range of issues over the years, really stems from this love of country, which knows no political boundaries and knows no ideology."