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Sam Nunberg: 'Media was very fair' to me

030618 Scarry Nunberg Media pic
"I think the media was very fair," Sam Nunberg told the Daily Caller on Tuesday. "I don't think they did anything inappropriate." (Screenshot/Twitter)

Sam Nunberg, the former Trump aide who gave a series of erratic TV interviews on Monday, said that he believed he was treated fairly by the media, though many critics said the media took advantage of him in interviews.

"I think the media was very fair," Nunberg told the Daily Caller on Tuesday. "I don’t think they did anything inappropriate.”

Nunberg appeared on several cable TV news programs the previous afternoon, threatening that he would not comply with a subpoena sent to him by special counsel Robert Mueller's office as part of its Russia investigation.

In one interview, CNN's Erin Burnett asked Nunberg if he had consumed alcohol, to which he replied that he had not and had only taken his antidepressant "meds."

“I was not on any substances,” Nunberg told the Daily Caller. “Look, I’ll tell it to you this way: everything I have to go through now — I’m smart enough not to involve alcohol. You don’t want to be involved in alcohol.”

He said in a separate interview with the Atlantic, also published Tuesday, that “Nobody’s done a spectacle like this before," apparently referring to his tour of interviews.