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San Diego police department missing $1 million in federal funds

San Diego Police Department patch

The San Diego Police Department is missing $1 million.

The discrepancy wasn’t noticed until an investigation by the U-T San Diego, the newspaper formerly known as the Union-Tribune.

A federal program run by the Treasury Department doles out the funds, which are seized from drug runners and other criminals through agencies such as Customs and Border Protection and the Internal Revenue Service.

Money also comes from Justice Department agencies, the U-T reported.

In 2010, a police department report submitted to the federal government about the funds showed a closing balance of $1,153,426.

And in the beginning of 2011? The report showed a balance of $153,436 — with no explanation why.

Over the past five years, the police department has received $6.4 million through the Treasury and Justice Department programs.

The U-T has been reporting on the police department’s spending since April — and the $1 million inconsistency has prompted an audit by the city.

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