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Say what? EPA chief Gina McCarthy can't measure if global warming regs work

How do Americans know that the job-killing Environmental Protection Agency regulations designed to combat global warming are working? Well, they can’t know, because the EPA doesn’t even know.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, testifying before the House Energy and Commerce committee hearing on the Obama administration’s global warming policies Wednesday, couldn’t quantify whether EPA regulations were slowing global warming at all.

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., asked McCarthy about the 26 indicators of global warming that appear on the EPA website and whether any of the regulations enforced by the agency have done anything to change those indicators.

“It’s unlikely that any specific one step is going to be seen as having a visible impact on any those [indicators] – a visible change in any of those [indicators]” McCarthy said.

McCarthy said that reducing greenhouse gasses associated with global warming needed to be a broad, global effort. She also that the indicators are of global warming and are “not directly applicable to performance impacts of any one action.”

Pompeo pressed further, asking about the cumulative impact of all of the Obama administration’s global warming initiatives. “Certainly it can’t be the case that you’re testimony today is that your cumulative impact of your current set of regulations and those you’re proposing isn’t going to have any impact at all on any of those indicators?” Pompeo asked.

McCarthy responded by saying President Obama’s global warming plan “positions the U.S. for leadership on this issue, and that will prompt and leverage international discussions and actions.”

So this is about “leadership” and not actually stopping global warming?

Pompeo picked one of the 26 indicators - heat-related deaths - and asked McCarthy how many deaths had been eliminated as a result of the 2010 EPA regulations that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions in vehicles.

“You can’t make those direct connections, Congressman,” McCarthy responded. “Neither can I.”

Taxpayers might wonder if the Obama administration is going to continue it’s economically destructive regulations without being able to prove their impact on global warming.