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Sean Hannity opposes Stephen Colbert boycott

Conservative Fox News commentator Sean Hannity said Wednesday he does not support an online movement to have Stephen Colbert fired as the host of CBS's "Late Show."

In a message Wednesday on Twitter, Hannity said he opposed the boycott, which started trending this week after Colbert made a lewd sexual joke about President Trump.

"I will NOT support #FireColbert," Hannity wrote. "I am [against] ALL BOYCOTTS. He is a horrible human being, but if [you] don't like him change the channel."

On his show Monday night, Colbert used his opening monologue to deliver a series of jokes that insulted Trump. It ended in saying that Trump's mouth functions as a "cock holster" for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Critics said the joke cross the line into indecency and some others said it was even homophobic.