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Stephen Colbert: Trump has a 'man crush' on Chinese President Xi Jinping

110917 Correll Colbert pic
"Of course they have good chemistry," Colbert said. "They met on Xi-Harmony." (Screen shot)

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert joked that President Trump has a “man crush” on Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“If I’m not mistaken, and I don’t think I am, somebody has a bit of a ma crush on Xi Jinping,” Colbert said on Thursday.

Colbert then showed a clip of Trump saying he and Xi talk often and that there is “a very good chemistry between the two of us."

“Of course they have good chemistry,” Colbert responded. “They met on Xi-Harmony.”

Trump has spoken very highly of Xi recently, and even called to congratulate him after the China Communist Party announced a new leadership lineup that placed Xi in a position with comparable power to Mao Zedong last month.

Trump also shared a video Thursday morning local time of the Chinese people welcoming him.

“President Xi, thank you for such an incredible welcome ceremony,” Trump tweeted It was a truly memorable and impressive display.”

Trump visited China as part of a nearly two-week tour through Asia and is now in Vietnam. Trump is scheduled to attend an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Vietnam and a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in the Philippines during the trip.