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Talking Points: Stolen spiders, Arlington National Cemetery cuts, terroristic car name

Why would anyone want to steal a tarantula?

Some people keep tarantulas as pets, and certain species are quite rare and expensive. Deion T. Dickens, 20, of Richmond, is charged with stealing a particularly valuable pair of king baboon tarantula spiders from the Beasts and Bugs shop in Lakeside, Va. He was caught when he offered the Tanzanian arachnids for sale on the Internet for only $75 each -- a fraction of what they are worth. The low price caught the eye of the shop owner who alerted police. The spiders would normally sell for at least $500, the owner said.

Is Arlington National Cemetery being impacted by the automatic budget cuts?

Military officials told Congress on Tuesday that the budget cuts that kicked in last week could delay expansion of the cemetery. The Department of Defense had proposed to make room for 31,000 additional grave sites on a 30-acre tract near Arlington House. The expansion had already been delayed, however, after an uproar ensued when area residents discovered that DOD planned to cut down some 900 Civil-War era trees as part of the expansion.

Why might Kia's new car be a tough sell in Ireland and Great Britain?

The mini sports coupe is called "Provo," which also happens to be the street name of the dominant branch of the outlawed Irish Republican Army.

The name has terrorist overtones, given that nearly 1,800 people were killed during the Provisional IRA's failed 1970-1997 campaign to force Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom.

The Korean car-maker, which unveiled its experimental prototype of Provo this week, said the name was chosen to suggest "provocative" but that it would not use that name should it market the car in Ireland or the UK.