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The Next Page: 13 vital stories you missed this week


Here's the thing about the Internet for news junkies -- there are so many digital news outlets just a mouse click away, but who's got time to read them all? Nobody, that's who!

So in the Washington Examiner's never-ending obsession with helping readers make sense of it all, herewith is the latest installment of what is hoped to be a staple of everybody's Saturday morning surfing: Thirteen significant news stories on the "next page" to which you didn't have time to turn:


• What if Chelsea Manning develops buyer's remorse after sex-change? NRO's Kevin Williamson talked to a British doctor who knows all about it.

• Can you guess in which U.S. city thousands of abandoned dogs now roam the streets in packs? Even if you can, you still need to read this report from Bloomberg's Chris Christoff.


• If Detroit is bankrupt, how come it's building a $140 million street car system? Conservative Intelligence Briefing's David Freddoso explains why you have to help pay for it.

• So, are Millennials just narcissistic like all previous young generations or facing economic challenges unseen in America for decades? Mediaite's Evan McMurray thinks he knows the answer.

• What can glassmakers teach us about why risk-taking is important? Lee Habeeb and Mike Leven shatter some misconceptions in NRO.


• Will you ever want to know the 32 most iconic eyerolls? Just in case, BuzzFeed has them.

• Is this the end -- finally! -- of Anthony Weiner's campaign to be New York's next mayor? Does anybody care? A New York Post trio reports.

• Should taxpayers be forced to pay for jail inmates' sex-change operations? Bre Payton reports on a Virginia case in which that appears to be what's happening.


• Could living with parents be the smart choice for Millennials? Eve Tushnet makes the unexpected case in the Weekly Standard.

• Wouldn't you like to know the 10 countries most likely to ask Facebook for information about you? Check it out on Fast Company's Co-Exist.

• Speaking of things you'd like to know, how about seven about Obamacare? Actually, Forbes' Avik Roy says you gotta know these.


• Would you sacrifice your children and grandchildren to the "common good"? This is probably the most bizarre piece of the week.

• How much is your life worth under Obamacare? It is possible to know, according to Forbes' Paul Hiesh.