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The system is rigged

102016 Boothe column Pic
According to the Media Research Center, seven hours and 30 minutes of network coverage has been dedicated to Donald Trump's sex allegations and only one hour to Hillary Clinton's released WikiLeaks emails. (AP Photo)

The system is rigged in Hillary Clinton's favor and no one gives a damn. Over the past couple of weeks, revelations showing collusion, corruption and deep character flaws of Clinton and her campaign have surfaced, but the mainstream media have barely blinked an eye.

Instead, they have fixated on a leaked video tape of Donald Trump making insidious remarks about women and an influx of sexual assault accusations. It is justified to examine the character and judgment of Trump, but why is it not equally important to examine Clinton's?

The most damning revelations of corruption come from the FBI. Newly released documents from the investigation of Clinton suggest that Patrick Kennedy, a top State Department official, attempted to convince the FBI to change the classifications on emails from her secret server so they would be precluded from public disclosure.

Kennedy offered a "quid pro quo" exchange where agents would be allowed to enter countries where they are barred by the State Department.

Also troubling are WikiLeaks emails that demonstrate collusion between Clinton's campaign and the Department of Justice. Brian Fallon, a former staffer and now Clinton campaign spokesman, updated aides about litigation regarding her email server and emails.

Emails obtained by the Republican National Committee through a public records lawsuit also show that the White House and the State Department coordinated messaging responses on how to handle the fallout from the scandal. However, it should come as no surprise given the fact that during an ongoing criminal investigation President Obama exonerated Clinton, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with in private with Bill Clinton on a tarmac.

This newly released information certainly adds to the perception that Clinton is being protected and there is a cover-up involved. The FBI granted immunity to a total of five Clinton staffers, including Bryan Pagliano, who set up the server, and Paul Combetta, who maintained it and wiped it clean using BleachBit after Clinton received a congressional subpoena requesting her emails.

Cheryl Mills, one of Clinton's top aides and attorney, also received an immunity deal. The information also comes on the heels of FBI information revealing that staffers destroyed evidence using a hammer and laptops and thumb drives went missing.

But those aren't the only Clinton scandals that the media are ignoring. There are other allegations of pay-to-play involving the Clinton Foundation and a Haitian industrial park that cut Mills a sweetheart deal for her company. Hacked emails from John Podesta, chairman of Clinton's campaign, show support for a "Catholic Spring" on par with the Arab Spring to overthrow the Church's "Middle Ages Dictatorship."

They also reveal hidden speeches from Clinton showing support for Wall Street, boasting about misleading the public and supporting open trade and open borders.

Instead of covering this corruption and collusion, the media have focused almost exclusively on Trump. According to the Media Research Center, seven hours and 30 minutes of network coverage from ABC, CBS and NBC has been dedicated to Trump's sex allegations and only one hour to Clinton's released WikiLeaks emails. Donald Trump is right: The system is rigged.

Lisa Boothe is a contributing columnist for The Washington Examiner and president of High Noon Strategies.