Christopher Weyant's cartoon on Thursday has opened my eyes to the fact that feminism is an elaborate hoax — a big troll on America. He's just let me in on the joke. But I wonder how many people still don't get it.

Let me explain:

I love everything about this drawing: The bitter look on the mother's face; the happy smile on the face of the child. A perfect contrast between the natural good adjustment of youth and the deeply unhappy shambles of human adulthood after ideological brainwashing.

The dead giveaway that there's a hidden meaning here is the clumsiness and crudeness of blaming of whiteness and masculinity for the world's problems. Surely the artist intends to convey this as the convenient, cowardly way that many people are addressing the Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood sexual abuse scandals without confronting the morally unmoored, enabling, sycophantic, and hypocritical nature of an entertainment culture that still presumes to lecture us all.

You can also tell it's a put-on by the careless inclusion of a reference to the Las Vegas shooter. No sensible person would blame what he did on his color or sex. But people who spout about "patriarchy" and the like aren't sensible people.

Ah, yes, Weyant, you clever dog. I've read between your cartoon's lines. I'm in on the joke!

I'm smiling just like that little girl you drew. I just hope the sad, bitter, humorless adults of the world don't get too offended by their portrayal here.