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Tomi Lahren and the power of tenacious resilience

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Obtaining a contributor position with Fox News is an impressive milestone for the 25-year-old media star, but Lahren has "bigger dreams and bigger goals to transition Fox News into the digital space" (via Devin Sena)

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny the power that is Tomi Lahren. More than 2,000 students rose to their feet to cheer on and welcome Lahren to Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach last week. Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of TPUSA, and Lahren met at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2014 and have joined forces ever since.

“He’s been on my show several times and I’ve done his events, too. It’s a great partnership — partners in crime. Taking over the world is what we’re doing,” Lahren told Red Alert Politics in an exclusive interview, moments before taking the stage in West Palm Beach.

The two young conservatives are mobilizing millennials through activism on college campuses across America and social media, spreading the ideas of free-market capitalism, individual liberty, and limited government.

Just months before keynoting at this year’s Student Action Summit, Lahren was filming videos in her car because she had left the Blaze in a very public falling-out that stemmed from her comments made on ABC's "The View" supporting abortion. After that, she had yet to determine her next step. Her resilience, persistence, and positive mindset enabled her to realize her own potential in conservative media.

“After I left my previous network and finally got control of my social media and Facebook page again – which to me, is where my strength and fanbase is – I started doing videos in Dallas, Texas in my car, in my room, and other random places.”

She didn’t need a fancy studio or camera crew to harness the power of social media. With tech-savvy smarts and strong opinions, Lahren has made herself a force to be reckoned with. Fox News noticed this too, and hired her full-time as a contributor, with a significant role on a Fox News digital product currently in development.

“I would just get a thought or idea, prop my phone up with horrible audio and bad lighting, and I’m getting 20 million views talking about transgenders in the military from my car. That’s kind of undeniable, and it also showed me what my worth was and the power of social media. That’s why I think I’m at Fox because I can do it on my own,” she continued.

Obtaining a contributor position with Fox News is an impressive milestone for the 25-year-old media star, but Lahren has “bigger dreams and bigger goals to transition Fox News into the digital space.”

“We need to [kill it], and we’re going to,” Lahren said. “2018 is going to be a big year for Fox — get ready.”

After a successful start at Fox News, Lahren appreciates her previous media experiences and views them as a necessary stepping stone to her current position.

“Every opportunity and every place I’ve ever been … I’m so grateful for everything that I went through. Even the hard times, even the really hard times. I’m grateful for it because that’s why I’m sitting here in front of you today and I’m with Fox News — which is the goal, which is the dream.”

Lahren believes she is “absolutely” a better person, in a better place, heading into the new year. Her fans on #TeamTomi respect her for staying true to herself and she inspires thousands of young, conservative women to keep on keeping on.

“Everything that you go through, every difficult time, you kind of wonder, ‘Why me?’ And then you turn that around and say, ‘Well, this is happening to me for a reason.’ I’m a person of faith. I think that God puts you through what you can handle. He’s strengthening me and getting me ready for this next obstacle, this next hurdle, and there’s going to be many more in my life, but I’m in a really good spot.”

Lahren is proud of her ability to persevere through very difficult times. Her hardships presented her a unique opportunity to thrive on her own — and she did just that. Lahren’s "Final Thoughts" have propelled her into a bigger spotlight than ever before. Perhaps it’s her personal journey that allows her to so effortlessly connect with college students dealing with a similar struggle on college campuses nationwide.

“I’m a fighter, and I think people know now that Tomi Lahren’s a fighter. That’s the precedent that’s been set, so I like that precedent and I’m happy with it.”

Aaron Carpenter (@aaronjcarpenter) is a senior at Ohio State University majoring in mechanical engineering. One of Aaron’s claims to fame is that President Trump retweeted one of Aaron’s tweets in March 2015.