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Top Five: Images of Lefty Driesell

Maryland will honor former basketball coach Lefty Driesell with a sculpture in Comcast Center, the school announced. He will be recognized during the Feb. 23 game against Clemson and a dedication will take place April 16. The bas-relief sculpture will be nice, but how about a statue outside Cole Field House? Here are five classic Lefty images to consider:

5. Hand on Harrington's knee » During games Driesell often sat with his hands on both knees. But he also had a peculiar habit of obliviously placing his left hand on the knee of an assistant seated next to him, often longtime assistant Joe Harrington.

4. Chicken neck » Though he always wore impeccably-tailored Armani suits, Lefty appeared uncomfortable. During games, he often yanked his collar, stretched his neck forward, and jutted his chin to get a little extra breathing room.

3. Lefty cruising » After beating Duke in the ACC tournament final in 1984, Driesell said he would spend the summer cruising every Piggly Wiggly parking lot with the ACC trophy mounted on the hood of his convertible.

2. 'V' for victory » Gary Williams was known for his fist pump. Driesell was famous for his 'V' for victory sign when entering or leaving the court, sometimes a double-barrel, two-handed version.

1. The Lefty Stomp » Bolting out of his chair during games and with his coat tails flying, Driesell would stomp his foot on the court to register his disapproval of referee calls or to get the attention of his players.

- Kevin Dunleavy