President Trump publicly condemned domestic violence on Wednesday, amid allegations that former staff secretary Rob Porter abused both of his former wives, and complaints that the White House didn't act quickly enough to remove him.

"I am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind and everyone knows that. It almost wouldn't even have to be said," the president said during an event on tax reform at the White House.

Trump's comments come days after Porter resigned from his West Wing post over allegations of spousal abuse. His exit was met with mixed reaction inside the White House and led to confusion among reporters after aides offered different accounts of what unfolded.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders faced tough questions earlier this week about the president's refusal to weigh in publicly about the allegations after he wished Porter a "great career" last Friday.

The president did not respond to shouted questions on Wednesday about whether he believes Porter's accusers, both of whom claim they described the abuse they faced to FBI investigators during their background check of Porter.