President Trump is starting 2018 with a polling pop, called the “best in a long time.”

The average of several polls finds the president’s approval at 43 percent and Gallup has him at his highest point since mid-July.

Trump’s average approval rating jumped four points since Christmas, and while still below his average disapproval, shows a good level to build on as he pushes for immigration reform and infrastructure spending.

In a review of the polls, Clarus Research's Ron Faucheux wrote in his daily subscription blog, “Looks like President Trump starts the new year with the benefit of some holiday cheer. Today’s average is based on three polls, ranging from 40 percent (Gallup) to 45 percent (Rasmussen). Trump’s disapproval rating averages 54 percent today, which is 9 points higher than his approval rating. This is the best he’s done in a long time, although it’s worth noting that his approval rating still falls short of the 46 percent of the vote he received in the last election.”

And Gallup this morning said, “Trump's weekly job approval rose to 39 percent for the week ending Dec. 31, his highest weekly average since mid-July.”

Other Gallup details:

  • Trump's weekly approval average was last at 39% July 10-16. Trump's weekly average was routinely at the 40% or higher level through the winter and early spring of 2017, but was last at 40% or higher in May, and last reached as high as 39% in mid-July. His lowest weekly average has been 35%, recorded at several points last month and earlier in the fall and late summer.
  • Republicans' approval of Trump was 82% last week. Independents registered 34% approval, along with 9% among Democrats.
  • Trump's overall average for calendar year 2017 was 39%.

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