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Trump's lawyer goes to Supreme Court over blockade of undercover abortion videos

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A nonprofit led by President Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow is asking the high court to review an appeal court's block of publication of David Daleiden's surreptitiously recorded videos involving abortion providers. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

A nonprofit led by a lawyer for President Trump, Jay Sekulow, is asking the Supreme Court to review a federal court's blocking of the publication of surreptitiously recorded videos involving abortion providers.

The American Center for Law and Justice petitioned the high court to review a federal district court injunction blocking the publication and release of secretly recorded videos at National Abortion Federation conferences. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the lower court's injunction, which used nondisclosure agreements signed by the conference attendees as the basis for the blockade. The nonprofit has asked the Supreme Court to determine if courts may enforce voluntary nondisclosure agreements and how doing so holds up against high court precedent and decisions from other federal courts.

Abortion foe David Daleiden, head of the Center for Medical Progress, released a series of videos two years ago raising questions about whether Planned Parenthood profited from fetal tissue or performed illegal abortions to obtain it. As part of his work, he attended the National Abortion Federation conferences while disguised, which the federation brought a case against.

Sekulow is the lead counsel representing a former Center for Medical Progress board member who has petitioned the Supreme Court to remove the appeals court's injunction stopping the center from releasing more footage. Daleiden also has petitioned the high court.

Sekulow is facing legal troubles of his own. Democratic attorneys general from New York and North Carolina are investigating whether Sekulow redirected money from another of his nonprofit groups, Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism, which is a companion of the American Center for Law and Justice, to himself.

Sekulow often appears as a top Trump advocate on television fighting criticism of the Trump team's involvement with Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.