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Trump's national security strategy holds the hidden key to defeating jihadism

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If the Trump administration's newly released national security strategy is to govern U.S. national security and foreign policy, this long national and international nightmare may soon be over. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

The Obama administration’s purge of the lexicon of Islamic supremacism from our national security and foreign policy apparatus was one of the single most detrimental manifestations of its delusional worldview.

The scrubbing of Islamic terms and concepts from government training and policy materials, while Islamic terrorists engaged the U.S. in battle, reflected an inability or unwillingness to openly and honestly recognize our jihadist enemy and their threat doctrine. If you do not know or refuse to understand your enemy, and their goals, tactics, and strategies, they will be well-positioned to defeat you.

In the Obama administration’s purge could be found the seeds of its singularly disastrous policy towards the Islamic world, in which it found itself actively colluding with those who wish to destroy us.

Globally, the administration aided, abetted, and enabled the world’s leading state sponsor of jihad in Iran and its proxies (as the new drug-running-for-Iran Deal revelations regarding Project Cassandra remind us) elevated the Muslim Brotherhood on the Sunni side and Hezbollah on the Shia side as “political Islamist” forces with whom the U.S. could do business, and sought to create “daylight” by punishing and endangering our staunchest moral, ideological, and strategic ally in Israel.

Domestically, the administration’s failed “countering violent extremism” policy at best ignored Islamic supremacist ideology in counterterrorism efforts, and at worst actively empowered the Islamic supremacist ideologues themselves under the guise of “community engagement.”

If the Trump administration’s newly released national security strategy is to govern U.S. national security and foreign policy, this long national and international nightmare may soon be over.

According to the strategy, the “most dangerous threat” to America is no longer “violent extremists” (or climate change), but rather “jihadist terrorists.”

These jihadists are no longer deemed “nihilistic,” nor are their aims considered nonsensical.

The document says:

Jihadist terrorists such as ISIS and al-Qa’ida…spread a barbaric ideology that calls for the violent destruction of governments and innocents they consider to be apostates. These jihadist terrorists attempt to force those under their influence to submit to Sharia law.

Further, the administration asserts that we are at war with “fanatics who advance a totalitarian vision for a global Islamist caliphate that justifies murder and slavery, promotes repression, and seeks to undermine the American way of life.”

The ramifications of accurately defining our enemy and describing what animates them go many orders of magnitude beyond just supplanting political correctness with truth.

As the national security strategy details, the U.S. intends to fight its adversaries using every means of federal government power. To the degree to which we have a clear-eyed understanding of the jihadist enemy, we can orient all of our assets towards its threat doctrine and defeat it.

If indeed the U.S. government is allowed to study the Islamic supremacist threat doctrine and devise a national security and foreign policy commensurate with it, we could reverse the tide of a war with the global jihadist movement that I believe we have been losing.

The Trump administration should be applauded for this monumental change in our national security strategy. It should be encouraged to make the strategy concrete by drafting and implementing a modern-day NSC-68 for the global jihadist movement: A comprehensive plan to defeat jihadist actors state and non-state, violent and non-violent, overt and covert, availing ourselves of every resource and tool we have in every realm. The fate of Western civilization – facing an enemy that as the national security strategy suggests wishes to subjugate us to Sharia tyranny – hangs in the balance.

Ben Weingarten is a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, and the Founder & CEO of ChangeUp Media, a conservative media consulting and production company.

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