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VIDEO: Obama: The government is us and we’re doing things right

In a statement Monday, President Obama explained that Americans should not be cynical about the government inefficiencies, citing several examples of his administration’s effort to develop new technologies to improve government.

"We can’t just stand on the sidelines.  We can’t take comfort in just being cynical.  We all have a stake in government success -- because the government is us,” he insisted.

Obama pointed out that the federal government was “saving lives” by delivering data on health care costs and by tracking weather effectively.

Obama also complained that a lot of poorly designed legislation was bogging down government officials in their effort to streamline services.

"We're doing a lot of this work administratively but unfortunately there are still a bunch of rules, a lot of legislation that has poorly designed some of our agencies and forces folks to engage in bureaucratic jump-hoop - hoop jumping - instead of just going ahead and focusing on mission and delivering good service to our citizens," he said.

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