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Washington Examiner's top 5 magazine stories of 2017

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Read below to see the Washington Examiner's top magazine stories for 2017. (iStock)

#5: Obamacare forcing Trump's agenda to wait

There was an expectation with a Republican-controlled Congress that a number of President Trump’s legislative items would get pushed through relatively quickly. But the repeal of Obamacare became an insurmountable hurdle for the GOP — pushing back progress on infrastructure, tax reform and the rest of Trump’s agenda.

#4: The Trump method

The president’s management style carried over to the White House, including his transactional business approach to issues. His fiery rhetoric on the campaign trail is often replaced with deals he’s willing to make in order to claim a victory.

#3: Republican lawmakers wonder when it's time to ditch Trump

The Trump administration has been plagued by scandals surrounding Russia, chaos in the White House, and his tumultuous relationships with members of his own party. Some Republicans in Congress are forced to choose between embracing the president and distancing themselves ahead of the 2018 midterms.

#2: Let's face it: Washington DC's Metro is the worst in the world

Metro riders in D.C. have a love-hate relationship with the struggling subway system, in that they love to hate it. Recent fare hikes and decreased train service has only added to the problems plaguing the Metro, with many of its riders on board with its classification of being one of the worst in the world.

#1: How to survive a nuclear bomb in D.C. (yes, really)

If North Korea launched a nuclear weapon toward Washington, what would happen next? Are there things you can do to increase your survival odds in the critical moments before impact? Turns out, there are!