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WSJ: FBI's Comey should resign

The conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote late Thursday that FBI Director James Comey should resign, and charged him with politicizing decisions at the FBI that have hurt both parties.

"Mr. Comey has a long history of apparently political decisions, a point we underscored when President Obama nominated him for the FBI job in 2013," the board said.

That includes pushing for the prosecution of Republican targets like Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and others.

"Liberals didn't mind these prosecutorial excesses because they didn't like Mr. Comey's targets," the board said.

But recently, Comey has been blamed by Democrats for helping President-elect Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, by revealing an extended investigation into her emails with just days to go before the November election.

"Because both parties dislike him does not make Mr. Comey an honest arbiter who is above politics," the board wrote. "His actions reveal that he is willing to violate Justice Department procedure and standards for his own political purposes."

"The best service Mr. Comey can render his country now is to resign," it concluded. "Failing that, Jeff Sessions should invite him for a meeting after he is confirmed as Attorney General and ask him to resign. If Mr. Comey declines, Donald Trump can and should fire him in the best interests of the nation's most important law enforcement agency."