A group of 15 Republican governors called Tuesday for senators to support an overhaul to a "broken" Obamacare system.

The governors sent a letter on Tuesday to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell outlining their support. It was released a few hours after a bipartisan group of 10 governors sent a letter to Senate leadership opposing the overhaul bill that's being seen as a last-minute attempt to repeal Obamacare.

The Republicans touted the use of block grants to reform welfare back in 1996, just as the latest healthcare bill aims to provide the law's funding for Medicaid expansion and Obamacare's tax credits through block grants.

"Adequately funded block grants to the states, along with maximum flexibility and control, is the best option on the table," the governors said. "We call on the members of the United States Senate to move quickly to repeal Obamacare and replace it with flexible block grants to the states."

The bill would provide $1.2 trillion in block grants to states from 2020 to 2026. After 2026, the funding expires and would have to be reauthorized.

The bill aims to create funding parity between states that expanded Medicaid and states that did not. States that did expand Medicaid would receive cuts in funding initially, and non-expansion states would get a boost in funding.

The governors who signed the letter were Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, Eric Holcomb of Indiana, Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Sam Brownback of Kansas, Matt Bevin of Kentucky, Paul LePage of Maine, Phil Bryant of Mississippi, Eric Greitens of Missouri, Pete Ricketts of Nebraska, Doug Burgum of North Dakota, Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota, Bill Haslam of Tennessee, and Gary Herbert of Utah.

A bipartisan group of one independent, five Democrats, and four Republicans sent another letter that called on the Senate to abandon the overhaul bill and instead pursue a bipartisan stabilization deal for Obamacare's exchanges. That deal has since collapsed.