New York Times columnist Charles Blow has a long history of criticizing Republicans, but he has been particularly hostile toward other blacks who have supported President Trump and those who work in his administration.

Here are 5 times Blow belittled and lashed out at Trump supporters who are black:

1. White House communications director for the Office of Public Liaison Omarosa Manigault — In a column published Sunday night, Blow described outgoing White House official Manigault, famous for her villainous reality TV persona, as “odious.” He called her “a fame junkie and check chaser, a devourer of any and all who stand between her and that which she craves.”

Of Manigault's responsibilities in fostering relations between the White House and blacks, Blow said she was “persona non grata in the black community.”

2. Trump campaign national diversity coalition chairman Bruce Levell — During an appearance on CNN with Trump supporter Levell, Blow questioned his legitimacy to even be on the program. “Who is this person and why is he on TV?” Blow said of Levell. Blow then accused Trump of being a “bigot” and said that Levell was contributing to the suppression of black Americans.

“I called him a bigot and I called you a supporter of that bigotry and therefore part of that bigotry and you are part of what is the problem with African-Americans,” Blow said. “Yes, I said that to you.”

3. Trump surrogate Paris Dennard — In another August 2016 appearance on CNN, Blow said that Dennard, a black Trump supporter, should not be allowed on TV. Dennard said that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was attempting to paint Trump as a racist in an effort to drive moderate voters away from him, to which Blow replied, “You have this guy — I don’t even know who this guy is — comes on and talks about Hillary Clinton suppressing the white vote. ... This guy should not be allowed to come on television and say something like that.”

At another point, Blow told Dennard not to interrupt him while he was speaking to moderator Chris Cuomo because, “The grown-ups are speaking.”

4. Housing and Urban Development secretary and former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson — When Carson was running for the GOP presidential nomination, and before he joined the Trump administration, Blow described him as a fraud because, among other things, Carson charged high speaking engagement fees. “Carson may no longer be a practicing physician, but he is a full-time profiteer, selling his story in books and speeches and paid handsomely to do so,” he wrote in a November 2015 op-ed titled "Ben Carson and the Truth."

Blow’s characterization of Carson “profiteering” by selling books and taking speaker fees stands in contrast to Blow himself, who has written a memoir and is also represented by one speakers bureau that says he can be booked for speeches for a fee ranging from $10,000 to $15,000. Two months prior, Blow wrote, “No one can discount what Carson accomplished professionally, but those accomplishments must now stand shoulder to shoulder with this new persona: whisper-soft purveyor of hyperbolic hucksterism.”

5. Milwaukee police Sheriff David Clarke — Writing in September 2016 on the Trump campaign's outreach to black voters, Blow cited David Clarke, a Fox News commentator, as evidence that Trump was hostile to the concerns of black voters.

"[Young voters] can't care about [police-minority relationships] and risk having those judicial seats filled by a man who allowed Sheriff David Clarke to speak at his nomination convention," he said. "Sheriff Clarke has called Black Lives Matter 'a separatist movement' comprising 'slimy people' with a 'hateful ideology' that should be added 'to the list of hate groups in America.'" Blow did not mention in his piece that Clarke is black.