One would have to be avoiding rational thought to look at the events surrounding Russia’s actions during the 2016 campaign and avoid concluding the Kremlin colluded with the Trump campaign, said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Sunday.

Schiff said on CNN’s “State of the Union” the Russian influence campaign, various meetings between Trump campaign officials and Russian officials, and the WikiLeaks dumps of stolen emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign only lead to one conclusion.

“To believe these are all isolated incidents and not connected to each other; it just doesn’t make rational sense,” he said. “Now, can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt, will be [special counsel Robert] Mueller's question to answer: that the Russians communicated to the campaign the way they were going to deliver the help they offered, and the campaign accepted, was not by handing the emails directly over to the campaign but by publishing them.”

Schiff said Trump should be taken to task simply because of the information that is public already, such as his son Donald Trump Jr. being open to Russian information on Clinton.

“We know the Russians offered help, the campaign accepted help, the Russians gave help, and the president made full use of the help and that is pretty damning whether it is proof beyond a reasonable doubt conspiracy or not,” he said.

He added the Russians won’t stop seeking influence within the Trump camp, as evidenced by recent reports the FBI contacted White House communications director Hope Hicks about overtures Russian agents made to her through email.

“They want to try to find as many influences as they can in foreign government. Even though they made contacts in the administration, probably none better than Mike Flynn, they were seeking other ways to exert influence. And I think we have seen that as part of a broad pattern, which I can't get into here today, but that is very much consistent,” he said.