On Tuesday, I met someone who is living the American dream.

Originally from Afghanistan, Ahmad is fluent in English, Dari, Pashto, and Farsi. He became a U.S. citizen a few years ago after working as a translator for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Today, he works as a translator and area expert for the U.S. government. Next month, Ahmad is heading to Afghanistan to serve the U.S. government for a year.

Yet, Ahmad also works part-time as a Lyft driver. That's where I met him and where he told me his story.

I was quickly struck by Ahmad's decency and patriotism. He has a deep sense of obligation not just to America, but to those in need.

To that end, Ahmad is donating all his Lyft earnings to support an Afghan refugee family in America. That family's patriarch, Abdul R. Safi, is currently applying for asylum residency, but recently suffered the loss of all three of his children. His daughter, Ghotai, came with him to the U.S. but died of cancer at the age of 34. One son, Khalid, died in a car accident, and the other, Rasheed, drowned.

Abdul is now dealing with his grief, while looking after his daughter's young children, and navigating the laborious asylum application process.

Ahmad sees it as his duty to help.

And so, every day, Ahmad gets into his car and drives for three hours after work. He makes as much money as he can, then, when Lyft has taken its commission, he provides whatever he has earned to help Abdul support his grandchildren. He always rounds up his donation.

I bring up this story because it illustrates how American society is still a great source of moral good. Ahmad has served America abroad and is now serving American values at home. In that, he's a pure counterpoint to immigrant criminals like those of the MS-13 gang. He exemplifies the American dream in action.