An anti-abortion student was physically attacked after confronting a man who was ripping down his anti-abortion posters he had just finished hanging up on Turlington Plaza at the University of Florida.

This is not the first time that a member of the UF Young Americans for Freedom has caught a vandal red-handed. Earlier this month, a teaching assistant ripped down a similar anti-abortion flier, cursing and swatting at the student who filmed her.

Video footage shows multiple anti-abortion students asking the man why he is ripping down the posters and then asking for the posters back, followed by the vandal swinging at the camera, which ultimately falls to the ground. The video ends shortly after.

Motioning to the trashcan, the vandal states, “You want them back, go get them!”

The hot pink posters read “Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) was a Racist Eugenicist."

The owner of the phone, who requested to remain anonymous, filed a police report with the UF campus police. The altercation was classified as an "assault/battery" and the status of the case is closed, according to a copy of the police report obtained by the Washington Examiner.

Students have noticed a growing trend towards hatred of civil discussion at UF, according to sophomore Daniel Mantzoor.

“It's amazing to me that some students find it acceptable to tear down our flyers and even aggressively confront us. We openly encourage students to engage us and have a civil discussion over these issues. Unfortunately, many students are so intolerant of opposing viewpoints that they are willing to sacrifice free speech," Mantzoor, also a member of YAF who witnessed the altercation, told the Washington Examiner.

Watch the whole video below: