That's one small step for liberty, one giant leap for the Constitution.

Something happened in Arizona this week that did not make the evening news, but is a step toward what could be the most profound moment in modern American history.

Something happened in the Arizona statehouse that grabbed virtually no attention from reporters on the legislative beat, yet could be as significant as the revered First Amendment.

Lawmakers in the Grand Canyon state passed a resolution to participate in an Article V constitutional convention of the states.

Arizona is now the ninth state to pass such a resolution, joining Alaska, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Indian, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

This is uncharted territory — an Article V Convention of the states has never been triggered in the 229-year history of the Constitution.

But, the framers of the founding document infused Article V into the Constitution as a "rip-cord" to be pulled in times of national emergency, like when the federal leviathan spins out of control as it is today.

The framers gave "we the people" Article V in order to bypass government to proffer amendments to the Constitution when elected officials refuse.

For example: congressional term limits, Supreme Court term limits, a balanced budget requirement, abolition of the 17th Amendment, and so on.

And so, here were are — one step closer to history.

Thirty-four states are needed to trigger Article V. Therefore, it's nine down and 25 to go in order to go where no American has gone: rein in an out-of-control federal government and achieve constitutional history.

Graham Ledger (@TheDailyLedger) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog. He hosts "The Daily Ledger" on One America News Network.

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