Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn’t just lead the nation’s prosecutors, but he also takes great pride in being the nation’s top cop.

So, when any police officer dies in the line of duty, Sessions is among the first to reach out with a comforting note to the grieving family.

“He recognizes that they do dangerous work every day, knowing they may not come home that night — all to protect their communities,” said Sarah Isgur Flores, the Justice Department's Director of Public Affairs. “The attorney general considers it a privilege to be able to play some small role in honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and in comforting their families,” she said.

And, she added, "In one of President Trump’s first executive orders to the Department of Justice, he directed the Attorney General to back the blue and support our local, state, and federal law enforcement. The Attorney General takes that commitment seriously, and he has traveled around the country speaking to law enforcement groups to make sure they understand how much he values and respects them."

Cops appreciate it.

“It’s clear his heart bleeds blue every time there is a fallen officer, and he knows the losses for our communities and the concept to honoring the rule of law,” said Jonathan Thompson, executive director of the National Sheriffs' Association.

“It’s paramount for the top law enforcement official to understand what families of those who protect us every day endure."

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